Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween from the Library!


With Halloween this week, the library is throwing a special Halloween lunch for those students who participated in the Teen Read Week(s) reading contest! It will be a spooky good time...


Date: Thursday, October 31st
Time: Academic Lab
Where: The Library

Please check your school Gmail account for the official invitation! Remember to get signed out from Ms. Bava on Thursday.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Research Tips: Good Research Skills

The library is starting a new blog series of Research Tips! In these posts, the library will demonstrate how to locate, evaluate, and use information. These research tips will help you find better information more efficiently! If you have a topic you would like specific help on, let Ms. Bava know and she will blog about it.

Let's begin by talking about why it is so important to conduct good research. By now you should have heard of plagiarism. The dictionary defines plagiarism as "an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author's work as one's own, as by not crediting the original author."

In other words, plagiarism is:
1.[Deliberately] submitting someone else’s text [student, parent published or unpublished author, etc.] as one’s own or attempting to blur the line between one’s own ideas or words and those borrowed from another source
2. Carelessly or inadequately citing ideas and words borrowed from another source (Council of Writing Program Administrators ).

Both types of plagiarism are not tolerated at Trinity Catholic High School or any other institution. Plagiarizing will result in probation, detention, or suspension. Therefore, it is important to develop good research skills to avoid any intentional or accidental plagiarizing.

Good research skills of locating, evaluating, and using information will help you in many many many ways. Today's world is full of physical and digital information. Having the skills to shift through the large amount of information available will set you far above your peers in academics, the workplace, and even in your personal lives. 

Here are some examples of how good research skills will help you:
1. Academics - Writing papers and group presentations.
2. Workplace - Researching a new product for a customer and learning a new program.
3. Personal - Consumer decisions, such as which car or vacuum cleaner to purchase.
4. Personal - Participating in a democratic society by understanding issues and voting.

You will use these skills for the rest of your lives so let's learn about them now!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Free Lunch at the Library!

The library is extending its Teen Read contest to next week! 

Read any three books this week or next and you’ll be eligible for a special FREE lunch at this library. Stop by the library to pick up the small form to fill out or to get more details. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

New Books @ the Library

This month is all about book series!

Several popular series books are being released and the Trinity library is making sure you have access to them.


 Stop by the library today to place your hold on these books!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Spirit Week and Teen Read Week

Happy Trinity Spirit Week!! 

Hopefully you enjoyed pajama day yesterday and are dressed in red, white, and blue today. I am looking forward to seeing the great decade and TV day costumes later this week!

In honor of Spirit Week, the library is celebrating Teen Read Week early! Usually Teen Read Week is the 3rd week in October (October 13 - 19), but here at Trinity the library is celebrating for a whole extra week.

This year's theme is Seeking the Unknown @ Your Library. This theme embraces reading for the fun of it! The library is running with this idea and are encouraging you to pick up an old favorite or check out a new book.  You can also do some of the these other "seeking the unknown" activities:
  • Read a new book
  • Be adventurous and choose to read outside your normal genre
  • Explore a topic you are interested in
  • Learn a new skill
  • Take a picture of you and your favorite book in the photo booth (coming later this week)
  • Recommend a book to a friend
  • Create or color a picture and hang it on the library wall
  • Submit a video in the St. Louis County Library contest 
The library also has a huge post-it huge on the craft table with the question: If you were trapped on a desert island, what book would you bring?! Come write your answer on the post-it note! Even Dwight on The Office likes playing the game "desert island..."